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Renewables in Cabo Verde with GTEK Lda

If you live in Cabo Verde and:

* want to install a solar system
* reduce your energy costs
* buy or charge an electric vehicle
* have any kind of technical problem

If you are from abroad and:

* want to implement a technical project in Cabo Verde
* need local contacts to authorities, suppliers or work force
* need help with Renewable Energies,IT, Electr(on)ic, Mechanic, Hydraulic

Then you found the right place

About Us

We are two German engineers and came to live in Cabo Verde in 1998. Soon we recognized the need of experts for technical solutions. With the overwhelming evolution of products and technologies it is often difficult to find the right advice and assistance in Cabo Verde. So we continuously extend our horizon and make new contacts to suppliers and partners in Europe and the rest of the world.

We are directly connected to the German chamber of Commerce in Lisbon which connects us to all companies at the German market. You have a problem. We find the solution. Our company is also member of the EcoInnovation Cluster from Luxembourg.This connects us to more than 100 companies within the GreenTec and CleanTec sector in Luxembourg.

Our Services

Consulting & Project Design

Photo Voltaic from domestic to utility scale
- On-Grid, Off-Grid, Fuel saver
- Freeland, Rooftop
- Facades and balconies
- Car ports, Solar pergolas
Solar pumping
- Independent or grid combined
- Car Import from US and Europe
- Intelligent charging solutions
Energy audit
- Effinciency, Saving Solutions

Project Management

GTEK can accompany and implement your project on any island of the arquipelago. We have experience with the installation of industrial plants for renewable energies, water treatment and water desalinization. We can start right from the planning phase over the first stone up to commissioning and after care.

Enginering & Maintenance

GTEK provides you with the experts and qualified labour to make your project in Cabo Verde a success. We maintain it to grant a maximum life span and satisfied clients. We are specialized in trouble shooting and can provide high quality spare parts through our supplier network.

Testimonials & References

We have a growing base of reference projects and have created a Gallery where you can see the story line of them. We keep that section updated so don't forget to come back and look for changes.



You find us in Cidadela, Praia, Santiago Island

CP 406-C
República de Cabo Verde

Phone: +238 917 33 06